So glad you stopped by. 27 Wonders is a modern documentary photography studio with our head in the clouds and our feet stuck firmly in the delicious mud of the past. (No not the eighties silly).

We love a grand adventure and a tramp through the woods, although truth be told we are perfectly happy to spend the day photographing you on the porch with your morning coffee. 27 Wonders drags along a clattering collection of the newest and oldest fangled photographic technology. We are on a mission to make images that make you feel, and smile and maybe hop up and down just a little. Say hello if you like!


Featured Post

Photography is like Birdsong to Me

Photography has never been a choice for me. It is more like the bird in the tree whose song I recognize above all the din. I cannot unhear it. Or in this case see it I suppose. Like people who see faces in the clouds and the bark of trees I sometimes drown myself in images and feel like I need to swim up for air. This is one of the reasons why film photography is so important to me.

Film photography is my refuge when the world is too much. There is a ritual to loading the film, reading the light and just sitting with my subject. The crinkle of the roll as it loads and the faintly vinegar smell of the film is tonic to my soul. I never feel so rich as when I pack along a ziploc bag of freshly shot rolls.  With film there is no hurry. No mad dash to make hundreds of images. Just a nice conversation, a quiet moment and the quest to pluck images from the air like berries filled to bursting with rain and sun.

I carry the lessons of these moments with just a few precious frames of film into all of my work. It matters very much that when I am photographing with someone, that the only world that exists for those moments we share is bounded by the air we breathe and the risks we might take. I am not sure that I chose photography. I feel like it somehow chose me, grabbed me up by the scruff of my neck and decided that this is what I have to offer. I am grateful.